Sunday, May 1, 2011

St. Mary's Lab 4

I was not able to attend the assigned date for Lab 4 at St. Mary's but i made up this lab by going to another lab date. I am part of the Monday lab group but for my make up lab i attended the Wednesday lab. This was a very good experience for me. It was a chance for me to be able to observe different groups in my class and learn from their experiences as well. The lab that i attended was during the Easter theme. I had participated in the Easter theme lab two days prior with my normal lab group and had a great experience. My experience on Wednesday was just as important for my learning experience. To start off i want to talk about the motor development skill i observed while at the lab. I observed two students, a male and a female perform the overhand throw and catch. Both students were able to perform both skills quite well. The young girl was a little more skilled on performed the overhand throw and catch with the proper cues. I feel this might have been because the young girl was listening to our instructions and following them correctly. She was having a controlled through to her partner but the young boy on the other hand was just throwing the ball as high and hard as he could. This caused problems on his control as well as using the proper cues during the skills. Next onto the rest of the lab. Because I was part of the special project group during the lab date I was not able to attend i joined in with the special project group on this day as well. We were to clean all the closets were the equipment went which didn't take very long at all. Once the closets were clean we joined in with other activities and helped out where we could. In my opinion I wasn't very impressed with the amount of participation and interaction between the students and the Cortland students. I felt that there were a lot of Cortland students that were just standing around and trying to pass the time. I feel that is the completely wrong thing to do. We as Cortland students have been given a great opportunity to participate and learn first hand with students, and it just seemed like there were several Cortland students that didn't want to be there. As a future physical educator you should enjoy every moment with the St. Mary's students, which I feel I do. So compared to my regular lab day on Monday I was surprised with the amount of effort from Wednesdays lab groups. Not to say that no one was participating, because there were plenty of Cortland students that were. I just feel that there were many Cortland students that were wasting their experience with the St. Mary's students. This was a good experience for me because I feel that in my Monday lab, there is 100% enthusiasm and participation by the Cortland students and that is the kind of attitude and activity that will not only help the St. Mary's students but get them motivated for activity.

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