Thursday, May 5, 2011

All good things must come to an end, Good-bye St. Mary's!

Our Final day at St. Mary's has come, and needless to say the time has flown by. I can honestly say that working with the St. Mary's students has been a great experience and one that I will miss dearly. To start off our final day at St. Mary's we didn't have any skill assessments. So all our the Cortland groups went with the students right away. My group once again was with the Pre-K students. Our theme for this week was Star Wars so to start off our day with the Pre-K students we did a craft where students made Yoda on a stick. When we entered the room the students were all involved in their own activities; Lego's, coloring, and other toys. We asked the students if they would like to participate in the craft. We only had a few students say yes at first. This quickly made me realize that we never should have asked the students if they wanted to do the craft but rather state that we are going to do a craft now. Quite quickly the other students got into the craft and before we knew it everyone wanted to make Yoda. The only problem was that we lost track on who had already made a Yoda because the number of students, so there were several students that made more than one Yoda. This caused problems towards the end when there was a few students that had not made a Yoda yet. We need to borrow some supplies from the other classroom, thankfully that still had supplies left, and in the end every student was able to make a Yoda. This brought to our attention that in the future we need to pay attention to the number of students making a craft and making sure that everyone had made one before there are multiples made by other students. Because our craft was so long we didn't get to read a book to the students although I was able to read to a few students while Brittney was finishing up the craft with a few students. Eventually we moved into the gymnasium where we switched and from Pre-K to special projects but because there was nothing to do we helped out with the Pre-K students in playing parachute activities. The Pre-K were not very good at listening during these activities. Thankfully the group was smaller because the Cortland Students had a difficult time keeping them under control with these activities. The students kept wanting to walk on the parachute as well as go underneath during every game. There were several attempts to get the students to follow directions and not go under the parachute for example during one activity students were suppose to around the parachute in a circle. Cortland students including myself would run around showing the students what the proper thing to do was. This technique of demonstration helped a little bit and got most of the students running around the parachute but there were still a few students that were not listening to directions. The special projects group led the whole group after the games into a song and dance. This involved Beyonce's new song, Lets move it. They had created a dance to the song which I feel was very successful and went very well. It was very impressive to come up with the dance so quickly to the song and the whole group of St. Mary's students seemed to enjoy it. Now St. Mary's is over and I'm exactly sure what to do with my Monday's. I do know that I have learned a lot with working with the St. Mary's students. I would like to say thank you to all of the St. Mary's students and staff for the experience to work as future physical educator and improve my teaching style as a teacher. My teacher style was definitely changed and formed with my experience at St. Mary's; there is no doubt that my teaching ability has grew greatly with this experience!

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