Monday, May 2, 2011

Here are a few moments of myself in motion. During the presentation you will see my Most positive and worst moments of motion. Being state champions of NYS was my most positive moment in motion. This was my final year of playing club soccer and we were able to take home the state title. You will see what emotions came to me as I became state champs. On the other hand you will see one of my worst moments in motion. I was playing my high school rivals in soccer. Our school had not beaten them in over 15 years. This was the year or so everyone thought. I was defending their number one striker and had him on lock all game long. It wasn't till 15 minutes left in the game where I slipped up and the striker scored. I immediately felt the pressure and weight of my team being that I was captain and my senior year. You will learn more about how I felt. With this presentation I hope you learn how students can be affected by both positive and negative moments and motion, I know i have and plan on using this information and my own experience to better the experience of future students and children.

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