Monday, February 7, 2011


Today was our first day at St. Mary's school. To be blunt, it couldn't have gone any better. Today was an all around success. We started off by jumping right into games with the kids by playing several different versions of tag. Needless to say the kids had a great time and it wore them out as well. I have to give a congratulations to all of my peers and myself for doing a great job getting involved right off the bat with the kids and running their own activities. This past weekend i learned about the 80-20 rule and today was a perfect example of using it. While most of the kids understood what they were suppose to do in each tag game a few of them didn't so instead of standing around and explaining it better we got right into the activities and better explained it to the kids that didn't understand what they were suppose to do. I had a blast today with the kids. They all were very excited for each activity as they could barely wait for instructions to start to the games. Getting them under control was a challenge at some points but that was to be expected and i feel we all did a great job with handling the situation. Can't wait to have the next lab at St. Mary's. I know the kids as well as my fellow peers will have a great time as we did today!

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