Thursday, February 24, 2011

A group of four, or four groups of one?

As an assignment in my PED 201 class I and my lab group were assigned to do a power-point presentation on a chapter in our book. There is myself and three other lab partners. We all decided to read the chapter and split the objectives up so we all got an even amount of the work. The only problem was that we all did just our objectives. The power-point was online and therefore we did not meet outside of class to talk about the presentation. We all put up our slides, and the necessary information. When all of our slides were finally done, i went back and looked at the presentation. I was not happy with what we had done to say the least. Doing a presentation is like telling a story, you need to have a certain rhythm and flow to the presentation and ours from my eyes was the complete opposite. You can tell the four people put their own ideas in each slide and did not talk about making a comparison or rhythm to each slide. After watching a presentation go today in class, I along with my group members decided we needed to change up our presentation. We all decided on a date this weekend where we can get together and make our presentation better as a group and not individuals. When working with a group of people it is important that you cooperate and work off each other rather than everyone giving their own ideas. Combining and building off each others ideas is a much more successful situation and for the most part the group as a whole will be happier. While i am talking about a presentation with my lab partners, this message goes out to all activities, events, sports, etc. Taking criticism from your peers as well as giving positive feedback can truly make the difference in something that is just okay and something that is great. Teamwork is the best option!

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